Anti-injury soccer goals

Solution to injury problem on athletic ground

Reduction of concussion risk on impact with a goal post

Ordinary goal post is usually made of metal and players can get a concussion or fracture if they hit against it. SAFEGOAL’s multilayered structure provides special padding over aluminum frame and protects players during the game

Elimination of portable goals tip over risk

Kids love to climb on the goals, but it might cause a severe injury or even a fatality if goals tip over. Forget about sandbags and anchors — SAFEGOAL has anti-tipping counterweight built in the goals

Standard ball rebound and accordance with official regulations

A goal post padded with a simple mat cannot provide authentic ball rebound. Patented SAFEGOAL system keeps standard ball bounce and meets all official regulations made by FIFA, US FUTSAL, NFHS and NCAA.

Why choose SAFEGOAL for sports facilities?

The primary reason is safety. A goal SAFEGOAL prevents injury, serious accidents and saves lives. In schools and sports facilities is essential to ensure the safety of users.

In SAFEGOAL we developed a technologically excellent and unique product, that can offer greater safety, what sets us apart from conventional goals. Reduce the rate of accidents is one of our goals.

Wait, it is soft! What about a ball REBOUND AGAIN?

Yes, it is soft, but anyway, SAFEGOAL provides an authentic ball rebound, which was inspected by a laboratory certified by FIFA (“International Federation of Association Football“)

Watch the video to see how it works!


Elimination of portable goals tip over risk. Forget about sandbags and anchors!

Sad statistics shows that soccer goals could cause injuries or even fatalities, if they fall on somebody. Kids climbing on goals just because they a kids, but if you manage an outdoor field or indoor facility, kid’s safety is your responsibility. And SAFEGOAL can help you to make your place safer and prevent liability in case of an accident.

The most popular solutions are sandbags, but there is always a risk to forget to put sandbags back after moving the goals, risk to get your sandbags lost or stolen. Forget about that! SAFEGOAL provides soccer goals with a counterweight built in. The bars on the picture have additional weights inside and make the goals unable to tip over. *

Heavy counterweight bars does not affect mobility of goals. Four wheels let it go smoothly on a turf field. Only two persons needed to move the goals.

* SAFEGOAL does not give a 100% guarantee that the goals won’t tip over and not liable for accidents caused by improper goal usage, such as climbing on the goals, installing on uneven surface, etc.

Watch the video how the counterweight works and how easy to move the goals over a turf field. We tested the goals on ourselves — two adults tried to tip over the goals and there was no chance.



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