SAFEGOAL Safety Agent Academy

Welcome to SAFEGOAL Safety Agent Academy. Here you will learn a how to make soccer fields safe and get extra income at the same time.

The mission of this project is to:

  • eliminate fatalities on soccer fields in the United States;
  • reduce a number of injuries by one hundred thousand cases a year;
  • help soccer coaches impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here are 5 simple steps to take:

        1. study five short video lessons;
        2. sign an agent agreement;
        3. find an AD of school, college or park who is in the market for soccer goals and give us his contact details;
        4. we close the deal, ship out and install the soccer goals;
        5. You receive your money for each set delivered!

Watch all 5 short videos right now and join the project. Together we can make all soccer field the US truly SAFE!

Course introduction video

In this introduction video you will learn:

1. why we have started this project;
2. how you can easily get extra income with us;
3. how you can help thousands of young players to avoid injuries and even danger of death during playing soccer.

Boy dies from head injuries after weekend accident –

In next video lessons where you will learn:
LESSON #1 – What is wrong with modern soccer goals
LESSON #2 – Why safegoals are the safest ones in the world
LESSON #3 – Common questions about safegoals
LESSON #4 – Prospects interaction scenarios and agent workflow

If you have any questions or would like to talk more about the project, feel free to email us at [email protected].


Key takeaways from this lesson are:

1) All the goals are made of metal and player absorbs power of impact after colliding with it.
2) Most of the goals have a square shape, have no wheels and no built-in counterweight.

These facts make all metal goals very dangerous for players and very inconvenient in use for coaches. There are more than 200 000 injures caused by collision with soccer goals and up to 3 fatalities are the consequences of goals tipped over every year.

In the next video you will learn how the safegoals can help solve these issues.


Key takeaways from LESSON #2 are:

SAFEGOAL prevent injuries, deaths and lawsuits. While ordinary goal is a metal pipe, safegoal has three different layers:
– aluminum frame provides stability (it is more stable because of 4mm profile);
– foam layer absorbs impact energy when players hit against the post;
PVC cover protects from environment and provides a standard shape dimensions.

When you hit the goalpost soft layers absorb impact, not a body or a head. Key figure: power of impact is 44% less comparing to metal goals.

Full compatibility with FIFA, NFHS, NCAA and others rules. US Futsal is using safegoals for their official Regional (2020 Regionals) and National (2019 Nationals) tournaments.

Heavy backbar works as a counterweight. Weight in the back prevent it from tipping. Click here to watch full video. You don’t need sandbags at all, you don’t have to use ground anchors or brackets.

In the next video you will learn how to answer most common questions about the goals and how that will help you to close the deal.


Key takeaways from LESSON #3 are:

Colliding with metals goals causes injuries, safegoals protect players from getting them. Safegoals have counterweight built-in which prevents tipping over even if somebody will climb on the goals. The goals have 4 wheels which make move in super easy and safe.

The goals have official length and width, official post and crossbar shape, official color. Safegoals meet latest ASTM standard as well. You can find more technical details on

To repair small damages we can provide a repair kit with PVC patches. In case of serious damages – just replace a post or a crossbar.

Two year warranty in case you follow our operation manuals.

In the next video you will learn how to find a prospect and how to close the deal.


Key takeaways from LESSON #4:

Public schools may still have money in their budgets and be interested in investing in new soccer goals this summer.

SCENARIO #1 – you are a great friend of an athletic director and you just call him/her. AD already has plans to invest in new goals.

SCENARIO #2 – you are a great friend of athletic director and you just call him/her. AD loves the goals, but has no money in this year budget.

SCENARIO #3 – you don’t know no athletic directors from schools or parks, no soccer clubs or academies presidents, but you love the product, want to keep kids safe and are open for an extra income.

After building your prospects list, follow these standard sales steps:

  1. Gather information about the prospect as much as you can – who is this person, what’s age, where gradated etc.
  2. Give AD a call and share information about safegoals. As I mentioned earlier, this information is relevant to them – nobody wants to buy metal “pipes” and find out later that safer product exists.
  3. Ask questions about ADs plans to purchase some soccer goals in coming season. They either have is in the budget or not.
  4. If they are interested, give a safegoal presentation and share prospects contact details with us. As we close the deal, you will get your bonus.
  5. If they don’t have any soccer goals planned in their budget, give them a presentation to motivate them to find some funds to keep their students safe.

Schools change soccer goals in average every 4-5 years. Statistically every fifth AD is in the market for soccer goals right now. You just need to find him and talk.

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