Welcome to SAFEGOAL Safety Agent Academy. Join now!

Introducing SAFEGOAL Safety Agent Academy. If you are really into soccer and looking for an extra income – our course is right for you!

The mission of this project is to eliminate fatalities on soccer fields in the United States and to reduce a number of injuries by one hundred thousand cases a year.

Here are 5 simple steps how you can help:

1. Study five short video lessons on our website
2. Sign an agent agreement
3. Find an athletic director of school, college or park who is in the market for soccer goals and give us his contact details
4. We close the deal, ship out and install the soccer goals
5. You receive your money for each set delivered

After studying our course you will know:

– Current soccer goals market review
– Technical details about safegoals
– How to find a potential buyer
– How to answer typical questions
– And how to close a sale.

Simple, isn’t it? And that is just enough to start representing SAFEGOAL to athletic directors you know.

Join the project right now, go to safegoal.us/academy, watch five short video lessons and start getting money right now!