Feedback about our service from Kings Mountain High School AD

Hi everybody,

Just finished another set-up of safe soccer goals. We were in Kings Mountain, North Carolina and local school had received a set of official full-size (24’x8’) portable goals. This is the first set of safegoals in Tar Heel State.

Kings Mountain High School has just finished construction of their new multipurpose turf field, which will be used for soccer, football and track. It was quite clear the athletic director decided to use only safe equipment for this project therefore, safegoals were the only sensible choice.

As our product was new to the market, Kings Mountains soccer coach had some doubts the goals and wanted to see them in action. Interesting fact, six month before that we installed two sets of official full-size soccer goals for Northwestern High School in Rock Hill, SC, which is 35 miles to the south of Kings Mountain.

We always say that the best way to understand why the goals are called safe is to see and touch the goals. Kings Mountains coach found some time in his schedule to do just this! After his examination he was certain  the goals are really safe they decided to invest in a pair. As always, SAFEGOAL team delivered and installed the goals shortly after.

We appreciate positive feedback left by Matt Bridges, KM athletic director during the short interview about our service. Thank you, Matt! We always do our best to make athletic directors not just protected against consequences of accidents with soccer goals, but also provide ease and efficiency to their job.

Watch the whole interview with Matt’s feedback now.

If you are in the market for soccer goals and would like to see safegoals before making a commitment, feel free to email us at [email protected] to learn closet to you soccer field with safegoals installed. You would be able to travel to see that goals or contact local AD to get a feedback.

Here are some pictures of beautiful new turf field in Kings Mountain wish safe soccer goals.

If you want to make your soccer field truly safe, protect players from injuries and provide peace of mind to your students parents, fill in the contact from below and help us make your high school a safe place to play!

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