Feedback from parent after 2019 US Futsal Nationals

Right after the Futsal – 2019 US Futsal Nationals we got an unexpected feedback from parent and happy to share it:

It was great talking to you and learning about the intention behind Safegoal. As a parent of kids who play, and one who has experienced the scare behind my child getting hurt from a hard metal goal, it is always nice to hear and see someone advocating for this safety.

All I had growing up and playing were hard, solid metal goals that really hurt and injured players when you made contact with them. As a parent, you can take a deep breath when you see Safegoal on the courts.

So thank you for the conversation and the advocating. I appreciate your time and vision in which you promote. Thank you for taking the time to educate me and my family. It was nice to see Safegoals at Nationals!

Jody Kay, soccer mom

In these kind of moments we realize we do the proper things.
Thank you, Jody, for your warm words. Good luck in sports and be safe!

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