First set of safe soccer goals installed in Wisconsin

Hi everybody,

We are happy to announce the first set of 24’x8’ full-size portable safe soccer goals were installed in Stoughton WI, May 2020. Given the current situation with COVID-19 the school was closed. However, we followed all the federal and state regulations to set the goals up safely.

At this crazy time, when the whole country stays at home and economy is locked down, even public organizations face budget cuts.

This means schools funds are more limited and each purchase must add value for their students. In this situation every penny has to be spent with maximum efficiency. Given today’s volatile environment Stoughton High School made a wise decision to protect their students by investing in safegoals. Not only have they reduced risks of injury and liability for the school. They have also saved time and money on maintenance and mobility!

Here is why Stoughton High School athletic director choose safe soccer goals instead of ordinary metal counterparts for his soccer field. Everybody knows that kids can collide with the post, but ordinary goals cannot protect them. With the addition of SafeGoals, Stoughton High is now a safe place for its students to play, and gives parents one less thing to worry about.

During the installation we talked to school buildings and grounds person, who maintains the soccer field. He confirmed that safety is important, but safety and practicality together is vital!!! He explained that he needs a product he can easily move over the soccer field without asking for additional personnel or even kids, as this will increase chances of injury (read about fatal accident in Maryland). The quality, practicality, and improvements to safety that SafeGoal brought to his everyday tasks were written all over his face. As he realized the safegoals need only two people to move!! Now he can use manpower more efficiently, and keep his high school fields safer.

Mel Dow, Stoughton High School AD made a short video and explained why he chose the safegoals and why all other athletic directors need it too. Watch the short video now:

Here are some pictures from the installation.

If you prioritize the safety of your students, as well as the ease of your employees day to day tasks. If you want to make your soccer field truly safe, and provide peace of mind to your students parents. Fill in the contact from below and help us make your high school a safe place to play!

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