Glassboro High School first in NJ installed safegoals

Hi all! We are so excited about another safe soccer goals installation, which took place on July 3rd in Southern Jersey.


We are proud to announce first pair of safe soccer goals has been installed in our home state – State of New Jersey. Glassboro School District has purchased one pair of SAFEGOAL safe soccer goals for their high school varsity field.
Glassboro is not a very big school district, but their stadium looks great. In addition to greatness, it is safe now.

Started at 8am with loading a truck, we arrived to Glassboro at 10am. Nothing special here, but weather. At 10am it was already 90-95F without hope for rain or even clouds.
We provide our customers with free assembly – great advantage for them. However, there is also a great benefit for us: we are getting a free… farmers tan! Ok, the goals were assembled very fast, because we tried to get to our office before pre-holiday traffic jam.

During the summer, nobody is playing soccer on school field and first games will be in July only. We are very happy for Glassboro HS, that their new season will be started in safe environment. Hope other schools, who will come to Glassboro Bulldogs field, will see the safe soccer goals and ask themselves why they still do not have such ones.

Special thanks to Jeff Cusack, athletic director, who decided that old square and metal soccer goals are too dangerous for his students. Yes, earlier nobody thought that square goal posts could be a cause of injury. They are cheap, but imagine somebody hits against a goal post with head… Edges of square post will cut skin like a sharp razor. If you have protectors on field fence, why don’t you avoid injuries with goals?

We got a brief interview with Jeff about soccer goals. He is very excited about safety aspect of the goals. Watch the video below to see one-minute interview with Glassboro AD.

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