Henry Becton HS soccer goalie talks about safegoals – installed in East Rutherford, NJ

Hi everybody,

good news! +1 safe soccer field in the US! We have just installed another set of full-size portable soccer goals on Riggin Memorial Field in East Rutherford, NJ. Thanks to Department of Public Works of Boro of East Rutherford for choosing safegoals for the community.

As soon as we set up the goals, local soccer team practice began and kids decided to use brand new soccer goals right now! Henry P. Becton Regional High School’s soccer team uses the field for practices and games. We asked youth players what they think about new goals and their safety features. The team captain, who is a goalie as well, noted that collisions with poles are always possible and if it were just a metal pipe, diving into it might end up with an injury. He feels safe now knowing that both posts and the crossbar are padded.

“I won’t hurt myself if I do end up hitting a pole”, said captain.

They were also excited about build-in weights, because they are familiar with moving the goals and sandbags like nobody else. That’s what they do day-to-day, but nodoby likes carrying heavy sandbags back and forth. Now there is no need in doing that.

“Each person has to carry two [sandbags] and they are real heavy”, they say. Stop powerlifting, do soccer during soccer classes.

Just to demonstrate how the counterweight works some players jumped on the crossbar and started swinging! Watch this short video with Henry Becton High soccer team now and learn what KIDS think about safety with the soccer goals.

If you are an athletic director or a coach willing to keep youth player safe, this video will show you how to do that.

Watch now!


If you prioritize the safety of your students, as well as the ease of your employees day to day tasks. If you want to make your soccer field truly safe, and provide peace of mind to your students parents. Fill in the contact from below and help us make your high school a safe place to play!

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