4 reasons why Mamaroneck High School chose SAFEGOAL

On August, 7th SAFEGOAL team installed another pair of 24’x8’ portable safe soccer goals in the town of Mamaroneck, Westchester county, NY.
Mamaroneck High School has only one multipurpose field and now they can call it truly safe. Thanks to parents who helped financially to install high-end turf to prevent kids from knee injuries. Purchasing safegoals for the school, these parents also helped to prevent concussions caused by collisions with soccer goal post.

It is also very important to ensure soccer goals from tipping over, because the field is used by community as well and there is no way always keeping an eye on the field. There was another challenge for soccer goals on the field, because previous ones were too deep and unable to fit under the football post. Depth of the frame did not let the front goal post to be placed in accordance to soccer field markings. That is why SAFEGOAL was chosen by the school, because it should not be too deep to ensure stability and prevent flipping.

We got a great feedback from Mamaroneck high school athletic director Bari Suman. Watch the video with her experience with SAFEGOAL.

And some pictures from awesome field in Mamaroneck with brand new soccer goals.

What about your field? How do you prevent injuries?

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