Phoenixville High School first in Pennsylvania installed safe soccer goals


We have been waiting for that for a long time and this day has come. We got first anti-injury soccer goals installed in Pennsylvania!

Phoenixville Area High School got one pair of portable full-size soccer goals for their practice field. Finally, they replaced their old goals, which were SQUARE-shaped.

Fortunately, usage of this old-fashion type of goals is gradually coming to zero. It’s cheaper, but more dangerous. Sharp angles of the square goal post may cause a serious injury in case somebody hits against it. We are not sure this economy worth such risks.

Another reason to change the goals is that the field is being used by community: the field is open 24/7 and there is no person to watch if anybody decides to climb on the goals.. We all know it could cause a fatal accident that nobody wants to be liable for. Those ADs who have their fields shared with a community would agree that risk of injury is higher, because there is not proper control on the field. Thanks to the build-in counterweight, the goals are unable to tip over and there is no pain in the neck with sandbags being lost or even stolen.

As usual, SAFEGOAL team delivered the goals in the morning and complementary assembled them right in the field. Thank you, Matt Gionta, AD from Phoenixville Area School District, for fantastic interview given right after we finished the job.

To those ADs, who are not 100% sure yet, if they need the goals or not, please watch this video with comment by your upstanding colleague from Phoenixville High School.

Some picture from the installation:

All the schools and the soccer clubs of Pennsylvania, you are warmly welcome to Phoenixville High School practice field to see and touch (!) safe soccer goals. The school has already got one field that has a truly safe environment.

What about your field? How do you prevent injuries?

Do not hesitate! Get your quote today.

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