SAFEGOAL is now MOM approved! [Video with happy AD inside]

Hi, future SAFEGOAL owners!

This is a story about cheap soccer goals, 95F heat and MOM approval of SAFEGOAL. Let us go step by step.

We are happy to announce first soccer goals have been installed in Maryland. Reginald F. Lewis High School was the first in the state who decided to make its soccer field safer. Congratulations! We hope other Baltimore schools will be in the track as well.

The reason why Reginald F. Lewis High School decided to replace their goals is that a goal was destroyed. It is less than one year old, but now it is just a bunch of metal laying in the corner of soccer field. Look at this “corpse of soccer goal” in the pictures below.

What happened with new goals? The answer is very simple.

Every customer wants to get something cheaper. “Ok, how to make soccer goals cheaper for customers and beat competitors?” – asks soccer goals producer itself. The only way to make the goals cheaper is to use less metal. The less aluminum you use – the cheaper the price is.

However, the less aluminum you use – . Producers do not care how their goals will be assembled – schools do not have an experienced assemble team. All the producers provide is an assembly manual, but there is no guarantee that goals would be properly assembled. That happened in Baltimore and could happen in every school.

What if some goals are destroyed and a child is nearby. This is a risk of injury. Think about it.

Being a proactive company, Safety Solutions LLC provides soccer goals assembly service for customers. One pair of safe soccer goals was assembled on Reginald F. Lewis High School soccer field on 24th of June. 95F hot? No problem. Free tan was our motivation.

After the goals had been assembled, Tina Queen, athletic director came to check up on our work and gave us a brief interview to share her thoughts about her new safe soccer goals. As long as she is not only an athletic director, but mom and grandmom, our safegoals became.. MOM APPROVED!

That is the best recommendation we could ever have. Watch the one-minute interview with the happiest AD in Baltimore – Tina Queen and see how the goals became MOM APPROVED status.

If you are interested in having SAFEGOAL at your facility, please contact us and we will give you a personalized quote. Click here to contact us.

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