Safety is the paramount now! – Feedback from AD from Roosevelt, NY

Hi folks,

we continue making soccer fields of New York State safer. After finishing the installation in Lake George our next stop was Long Island. Announcing Roosevelt Union Free School District with set of official portable full-size safe soccer goals. First in Nassau county, first on Long Island.

That was the third day with limited power supply after the Isaias tropical storm in Roosevelt, NY. Fallen trees and damaged cars could be found on the streets. However good news is that nobody was hurt during the storm.

It is very good when athletic administrator in charge has an experience as a soccer coach. Besides generals understanding how important is to keep the goals fixed and prevent tipping over, those people know all the daily routine with soccer goals like nobody else. As a coach they know that goalies and defenders may hit against the goalpost any day, they know that kids love hanging on he crossbar and how dangerous it could be. They understand what a pain in the neck is moving sandbags or ground stakes with portable goals. As an administrator they understand that those sandbags and stakes are always disappearing from the field and have to be purchased again and again.

This is precisely why they would prefer safegoals over ordinary goals, because it takes all the pains mentioned above away. Built-in weights instead of stakes, cushioned posts instead of metal pipes.

Here is a short video feedback from Roosevelt UFSD Athletic Director and soccer coach. Watch now to learn why he chose safegoals for his school’s soccer field and what he suggests other AD who may still have some doubts about the product.

Here are some pictures from the installation.

If you prioritize the safety of your students, as well as the ease of your employees day to day tasks. If you want to make your soccer field truly safe, and provide peace of mind to your students parents. Fill in the contact from below and help us make your high school a safe place to play!

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