Students checked safe soccer goals after set up in Phoenixville, PA

Back to Phoenixville. It’s been a while since we have installed the first pair of safe soccer goals on the school’s practice field. And we are back! The School District ordered another pair to make the main field safe.

Right off the bat we stopped by to see goals, we installed in August, after fall soccer season. Take a look at the pictures, safegoals are as good as new. But the most important is that nobody has got hurt.

Then two brand new official portable goals 24’x8′ we set up on the main Phantoms’ field instead of old flimsy ones.

For district’s athletic director Matt Gionta it is critical to protect the goals against tipping over, as they share the field with the community. You need additional control, if not only students are allowed to enter the field and use the goals. Some difficulties may occur if that is a multipurpose field.

To avoid issues with moving goals without wheels asking the whole team to lift the goals and to forget about sandbags, Phoenixville High School installed safegoals. And they are happy with them!

Schools athletic director, Matt Gionta, made another awesome video for all other ADs who still have concerns to replace metal goals to safe ones. Additionally, the goals were tested by.. students themselves. Tests conducted the safegoals are truly safe and easy to move.

Watch the video, comment on it and make an inquiry to get a free quote for SAFEGOAL with delivery included. Use the quote to put safe soccer goals on your next year budget.

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