Westlake High School: “We don’t do worry about anchoring”

On August, 27th SAFEGOAL team installed another pair of 24’x8’ portable safe soccer goals on Westlake High School practice field in Thornwood, Westchester county, NY.

Sometimes during practicing sessions coaches move soccer goals over the field. And that is an athletic director’s pain in the neck – ensure goals anchoring after each movement. Nobody wants to put kids in jeopardy of falling goals, but there is no way to eliminate human factor (coach could simply forget anchoring) when you use sandbags. There is always a risk.

That is why Westlake high school chose SAFEGOAL. Built-in counterweight makes the goal immovable in stationary position and tipping over risk comes to naught.

Another reason why they like the safegoals, is that the wheels, easily activated with levers, allow moving the goals over the field with two persons only, without asking the whole team for help.

We got a great feedback from Westlake high school athletic director Donna Pirro. Watch the video with her experience with SAFEGOAL.

And some pictures from Westlake High School practice field with brand new soccer goals.

What about your field? How do you prevent injuries?

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