What are Marathon goals? Safe goals! Now installed in Marathon, NY

We definitely love running and some of our colleagues ran marathons, but this post is about Marathon town in Cortland County, New York State.

Marathon Central School District first in New York State replaced old metal and dangerous soccer goals to new safe ones. Both varsity and training fields seem to be safe now. Thank you, Todd James, Marathon CSD athletic director for thinking about students and understanding the real threat of injuries with ordinary metal goals.

We are happy for more and more athletic directors in schools considering metal soccer goals as potentially dangerous pipes. Almost all sports equipment in schools is padded or has a protection against injuries. Sometimes, even referee tables padded along the edges. That is so great that we can avoid accident on soccer fields now.

Look at old goals on the field in the picture below. What is wrong here?

The goals do not have a backbar. Even if you put sandbags on sidebars, it is not enough to prevent a goal from falling. With kids climbing on goals, it is so easy to flip for them and sandbags is not a complete solution. Someday it could slip your mind, but you would never forget a counterweight built in SAFEGOAL soccer goals.

In Marathon, NY, we made a one-minute video to show how the counterweight works. Here you can see difference in surface of goals posts as well.

Here are some pictures of new safe soccer goals installed on fields in Marathon, NY.

If you are interested in having SAFEGOAL at your facility, please contact us and we will give you a personalized quote. Click here to contact us.



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