Why facility people like safegoals too – installation in Lake George, NY

Hi everybody,

We are happy to announce another set of 24’x8’ full-size portable safe soccer goals has been installed in the State of New York. Lake George High School varsity soccer field is now not only a gorgeous place among the lake and mountains, but the safest in the area. That was a great joy for SAFEGOAL team to set up the goals in such a beautiful landscape.

Million dollar question for all the school in the US in July 2020 is will the fall sports happen or not. It doesn’t look pandemic respect our fall plans, but we will hope the sports to take place as usual. We are happy for Lake George students they will start new season on the safe field.

Usually we ask school athletic directors to share some thoughts about the safegoals during a short interview after the installation and have plenty of great videos to watch on out blog page. But this time we decided to ask maintenance people for some comments, because they are people who have to move the goals over the field and be sure it is always secured. Turned out they love safegoals too, because it’s very convenient to move the goals using the wheels and there is no need to use sandbags or any ground anchors!

Most of the times ordinary metal goals have no wheels, are heavy-weighted, and hard to move. And you have to move the sandbags or ground anchors as well. This routine consumes a lot of time and efforts by maintenance people. Sometimes there is a need to use a tractor.

What if they have to do it everyday? That’s a lot of time wasted which could be used to make sports facilities more safer and comfortable. But not just moving the goals and sandbags.

Here is the great example how safegoals help maintenance people keep players safe and save time as well. Watch this short tutorial made in Lake George.

Here are some pictures from the installation.

If you prioritize the safety of your students, as well as the ease of your employees day to day tasks. If you want to make your soccer field truly safe, and provide peace of mind to your students parents. Fill in the contact from below and help us make your high school a safe place to play!

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