Bracket and handle replacement

Instruction manual

Here is what you have received – two wheel mount systems: left and right.

Take a look at the picture here to see who one is called “left”, another – “right”. They are completely equal, just different directions.

Step 1 – wheel bracket removal

1) make the pin straight for easy removal

2) Pull the pin and remove it

3) Remove washer and old bracket

Step 2 – handle removal

4) Repeat 1-2 for handle pin

5) Remove washer and broken handle

Step 3 – new parts installation

6) Remove pins and detach brand new handle and wheel bracket you have received. Repeat 1-5.

7) Place new handle and washer instead of old one. Important to start replacement process with the handle, because if you replace the wheel first, the handle will be unreachable.

8) put the pin back

9) bend the pin over the bar as it was before removal (safety reason)

10) Place new wheel bracket (without wheel) instead of old one

11) repeat 8-9 for wheel bracket pin

12) Repeat 1-2 for wheel pin on both brackets – old and new

13) remove a they from old bracket and place to new one.

14) repeat 8-9 for the wheel pin

15) You are all set!